Recommended Reads for Adults

  1. Montessori Madness

    by Trevor Eissler

  2. Maria Montessori – Her Life and Work

    by E.M.Standing

  3. The Absorbent Mind

    by Maria Montessori

  4. The Discovery of the Child

    by Maria Montessori

  5. The Secret of Childhood

    by Maria Montessori

  6. Understanding the Human Being

    by Silvana Montanaro

  7. Brain Rules for Babies

    by John Medina

  8. Creative Schools

    by Sir Ken Robinson

  9. Notes for Healthy Kids

    by Rujuta Diwekar

  10. Zero Limits

    by Joe Vitale

  11. Hold on to your Kids

    by Gabor Mate

  12. The Scientist in the Crib

    by Alison Gopnik

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