Other Subjects

  • Botany and Zoology

    The young sensorial child must be exposed to the various aspects of nature for them to build a healthy respect for all aspects of life. The children have regular activities of Gardening which not only involve planting of seeds and nurturing them with manure and water but also attention is brought to the structure of the plant and leaves and why they take such shapes etc. When these aspects of the soil to the plant to the sun are stitched together in their minds, topics like photosynthesis are not hard for them to understand later. Yearly visits to Farms are another beautiful way to weave the relation between plants and animals and the inter-dependence and co-existence of all beings. Art and crafts related to plants and animals, stories and also related materials are a part of this system for the children to learn from.
  • Geography and Astronomy

    The young child’s psyche needs to be touched by the significance of land, water and space around them. A basic understanding of the planet they inhibit (The Earth) with respect to its satellite (Our Moon – Luna) and its host star (The Sun) which they would have noticed unconsciously or consciously is brought to their attention. It has been observed that a basic understanding of how these systems work is well within their grasp. The concepts in geography such as man-made demarcations of land into continents, countries and states are introduced to the young child sensorially with experiments.