Extra Curricular Activities

  • Art, Music and Dance

    The child must be given various opportunities to interact with the human culture that we have built. This includes him becoming aware of the different forms of expression created by mankind like painting, music and dance. These activities are a part of regular weekly classes.
  • Motor Skill Training

    ‘Motor Skill Training’ is a series of various physical activities scientifically designed to improve the child’s motor skills through fun games played in our outdoor space. These activities provide the children an opportunity to strengthen the amalgamation between their body and mind by fine-tuning their hand-eye co-ordination, balance, reflex time and rhythm which prepares their body and mind for sports at a later age.
  • Fireless Cooking

    Cooking is a life skill; one which children of this age love to engage in. Every fortnight children are given an opportunity to make a snack for themselves. The children get to touch and feel, smell and taste different types of vegetables, fruits, sprouts, dry fruits etc. In this way they develop self-confidence, utensil handling skills and an understanding of how different ingredients blend together to create great taste and healthy eating is also encouraged.
  • Gardening

    The children have regular activities of Gardening which not only involve planting of seeds and nurturing them with manure and water but also attention is brought to the structure of the plant and leaves and why they take such shapes etc. When these aspects of the soil, the plants and the sun are stitched together in their minds, topics like photosynthesis are not hard for them to understand later.