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Development of a complete
human being


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“Don’t follow me, follow the child.”

“Don’t follow me,

follow the child.”

Dr. Maria Montessori

Why should you choose a Montessori school for your child?

How many of us have heard in our adult life, “You walk like your father” or “Your facial expressions are like your mother’s” or “You speak just like your grandfather” and so on… But do we do any of the above consciously?

So how did our family become a part of us?

Nature has given babies an inner urge to use every second of their lives to become like the adults of their species – to become like their mothers and fathers and a part of society at large.

It has been proven now that the minds of children between the ages of 0-6 years are like a sponge. They absorb each and everything in their physical and human environment without any discrimination and it becomes a part of their personality and psyche at adulthood.

As the famous Greek philosopher and polymath, Aristotle once said,
“Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man.”
– The Foundation for a great personality is established at these young ages.

We all want our children to make sensible choices at the age of 20. When we visualize our children at that age we expect them to be Independent, Responsible, Social, Confident, Assertive, Happy, Compassionate, Joyful, Content and SUCCESSFUL.. right? – The tools for this personality must be developed NOW under the age of six. Their experiences between 0-6 years of age shape their future.

Now how do we do this? Can we give a lecture to a 3 year old on “Responsibility”? Absolutely not! Dr. Maria Montessori, over her years of observation and working with children has developed this system of Education where the children are not only given intellectual tools but tools to build a positive overall personality. Her method promises; Development of a complete human being: Education for life.

  • ~ Parents of Eshaanya.

    This is one of the best Montessori school in JP Nagar 7th phase. Many schools fake by tagging Montessori but this school aligns strictly with Montessori syllabus and allows kids to explore and learn.
    My daughter likes going to school; her language, discipline, confidence and communication is remarkably changed and very positive.
    I am seeing lot of positive changes in my daughter and complete overall development. Teaching staff of Zero limits are well trained, passionate, patient, kind and pay individual attention to each kid.
    They often invite parents for observation day, parents meetings, open house and encourage extracurricular activities like dance and storytelling for kids. School emphasizes on healthy snacks, conducts session for parents on parenting and focus on overall development of kids. Ramya is passionate, trying and giving her best to bring kids with Montessori values. Thanks to Ramya and Zero limits teachers for their dedication and commitment towards bringing up kids.

  • ~ Parents of Chethan K.V.

    Zero Limits Montessori school has provided a great learning opportunity for my son. It helped him learn new skills and enhance them. He enjoyed his learning process. Montessori activities conducted in the school made him eagerly wait for the next day of school. Teachers were very friendly and approachable. The staffs were very helpful. We are grateful for Mrs Ramya and the school for making initial years of schooling of my son memorable and full of knowledge.

  • ~ Parents of Ahaan Sukhija.

    One of the best decisions that we made for our Child. A very focused and caring Montessori School. Our son studied there for 3 and half years and we saw a huge improvement in him academically and even in his personality overall.
    Ramya and her set of teachers are brilliant. The children are exposed to the horizon of life from local festivals to yoga to being good Samaritans to society and a great foundation of concepts.
    All the best..
    A Very Happy Parent 🙂

  • ~ Parents of Akshara Karthik.

    My daughter was a student of Zero Limits for 4 years of nursery program. Ramya ma’am and the guides at Zero Limits were exceptional in shaping the formative years of my daughter and built the foundation for her growth. I recommend Zero Limits for parents for their kids nursery years.

  • ~ Parents of Rhea Kohli.

    A place which your child can call their second home, thanks to the personal attention to detail by Ramya and her team. The teaching and materials are all excellent. There is attention given to developing the child with their daily life and activities as well. Highly recommend.

  • ~ Parents of Hojashwin Kumar.

    I’m very happy and glad to find a friendly environment for my child, this is a place of activity, practical learning and much more, I can see my son grow with confidence. Bonding between the teacher and the children it’s the most important thing and I see it here, teachers understand every child’s like and dislike and work accordingly, I thank each and every adult for giving their 100 percent in taking care of our son.

  • ~ Parents of Shlok Dixit.

    I have seen a great improvement in my son from the time he started going to Zero limits Montessori.
    The teachers are very warm and helpful. The learning through playing with materials helps kids to learn the concepts very well.
    The teachers are all thorough understanding of the Montessori method and execution is flawless.

  • ~ Parents of Siddharth Kannan.

    Being associated with Zero Limits for almost 4 years, It has been a wonderful experience for our son as well as us as parents. It has been a joy to see him grow at such a wonderful school which completely believed and followed the Montessori methods and even more have helped our son grow more confident, independent and helpful towards others.
    Apart from the academic part in which the school has done an excellent job, the school has also played a major role in moulding the right behaviour among the children.
    My son has enjoyed being at school and has spoken endlessly about all the adults he has been associated with thus far. He loves working with all those materials, the story time/reading time and the play time. The school hit a good balance with academics and some extra activities that helps the child’s gross/fine motor skills and physical development activities.
    Overall a great school.

  • ~ Parents of Dhruv.

    The best Montessori school where your child can begin the learning journey. All the adults are very caring, nurturing & invested in your child’s growth. My son absolutely loved the 2 years he spent here. Ramya is excellent and I’m waiting for the day she begins a full fledged school so that I can get my son back into their fold Keep growing & shining Zero limits family!

  • ~ Parents of Rhea.

    Zero Limits has been instrumental in building a strong foundation for my daughter. The knowledge given to her was very helpful in transitioning her to primary school.
    The teachers ensure interactive sessions and make learning fun. It’s a great place to building a strong foundation for your child.
    Special thanks to Ramya for running a wonderful school. !
    Would highly recommend for your children.

  • ~ Parents of Samrudh.

    One of the best Montessori school in the area. Highly recommend! Will recommend especially if you are new to the area. They don’t and never will pressure the child to get ready for their 1st grade entrance exam. They follow a typical Montessori system which they are strict about it and is a must I would say. Mgmt is polite and friendly to the parents. School fees are reasonable compared to other highly priced in the area. Often conduct workshops for parents to understand parent child relationship. They really worked hard during the initial covid lockdown with young kids to make sure kids understand the concepts. Cordial teachers and helpers at the school. School understands parents perspective in Teacher -Parent Meeting. My son loved going to school each day(his first school). 2018- 2021. Thank you so much!!!To all the Staff and Helpers❤️ can’t just mention 1 name.

  • ~ Parents of Preksha.

    This isn’t a school to begin with!, its more like a treat for kids to learn in a free environment. I am very happy with the staff and especially Ramya, for taking utmost interest and care for all kids. The methodology used to teach kids is very practical and hands on. Its so stress free for them and as parents its a joy to see them grow in such environment. I have seen my child grow in leaps and bounds in terms of observation skills and confidence, I would definitely recommend Zero Limits to all parents out there! Thanks to Ramya and all the wonderful staff.

  • ~ Parents of Aadya.

    Our experience has been exceptional. One of the best choice. Our daughter was the first student (2014-2018) and she absolutely loves the school and staff. Ramya and other teachers are great encouragement and the teaching programs are great. Our daughter still shares the beautiful bond with her first teacher Ramya aunty. Best Montessori school in the area. Keep shining and growing Zero limits.

  • ~ Parents of Avnish.

    My son, Avnish did his preschool in Zero limits. We as parents are extremely happy to have made the right choice.
    Teachers are very knowledgeable and have a lot of experience. The school provides a homely atmosphere, extremely clean and peaceful place to learn and enjoy. I would definitely recommend Zero limits if you stay anywhere near J.P.Nagar 7th phase, or RBI layout.

  • ~ Parents of Rashni.

    Being witnessed the growth and progress of the Zero Limits Montessori ever since the inception has been remarkable. The reason it is been successful because unleashing the potential of “Learn to learn” in a fun filled way adhering to the core principles of the teachings & ideologies of Dr. Maria Montessori equipped with high quality materials. The place is very safe and provides a conducive learning environment for the kids. Our daughter has been with Zero Limits Montessori for the last two years and we observe a sea of change in a positive way in her clarity of thought, self-confidence, self-esteem, vocabulary, social and analytical skills that had progressed well beyond her age. We attribute this success and credit to the instructors (Ramya & Poornima) who are trained & qualified doing this with great zeal and spent a quality time on nurturing the kids.